Publication Round Up, Summer Edition

Friends, thanks so much for the kind words about my series of poems over these last few weeks. I’m pleased to say that STIR Journal has picked them up for publication. If these poems have meant something to you in the wake of the Charleston Massacre, I encourage you to share them with others via STIR, which will be posting one poem a day from the series during this week and next.

I also have new work online from VoiceCatcher, Portland’s journal of women’s voices, alongside some fine local writers. The story featured there, “Concentric,” is actually something I drafted as an undergraduate student, though it’s about a woman the age that I am now.

The ecological issues addressed in that original draft, circa 1999, aren’t any less pressing now, though many of them seem dwarfed by the issues that have since emerged. I certainly found it harder to connect with the quasi-mytical revelations arising from form and pattern in nature that the narrator of this story (and, by extension, my twenty-year-old self) was experiencing. But at the same time, this time capsule of a story reminds me not to forget how mysterious the world really is, and at what a great scale it operates.

Also, for those of you in the Portland area, I will be reading at the end of the month with VoiceCatcher at Ford Food and Drink on July 31st at 7pm. Please do stop in! I would be absolutely delighted to see you.




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