Blurbing the Chappie

When I returned from AWP this spring, there was good news in my inbox: my longish short story “Pyrophytic” had been accepted by ELJ Publications. Yay! This tale of love, lust, and monkeywrenching gone awry in a radical college town has long been close to my heart, and now it would be coming out as an ebook via their Afternoon Shorts series.

I suppose I didn’t realize that it would also be coming out as a print book, though–so I was a bit stunned when the gracious Ariana Den Bleyker of ELJ contacted me recently for artwork and a back-cover blurb.

That’s right, a blurb for a short story.

What was there for me but to hit up my mentors from grad school? One was too busy in a very real way–she has a small child, teaches full time, and is currently heading up a search committee at her university. One was too busy in a “I’ll-be-busy-until-next-year-because-I’m-working-on-my-novel” sort of way. And the third? Well, bless his heart. David Long wrote back to say, hey, I’m busy this week at this grad school residency, but I’ll blurb your story upon my return. Oh, and tell me again–what is it, exactly?

It’s a book, I told him. A very little book, but a book. My first. =)

In the meantime, I’ve got a couple ideas for cover art. Which one do you prefer, dear reader? Please let me know in your comments!

Option 1:

In this story, students tend to get around on bikes. I thought this image might speak to the that, as well as the comedy-of-errors that comprises the romance.












Option 2:

In this story, the main character, Rell, is studying pyrophytic plants–those that require fire to germinate. She’s also recovering from having had her heart broken. I though this image might speak to that.





9 thoughts on “Blurbing the Chappie

  1. I like the first better ~ less Shutterstocky, more direct and playful, with a psychedelic nod to monkey wrenching and radical college towns.

  2. Congratulations! I prefer the second image. It could be used for the whole space, leaving a place for titling and YOUR NAME! And it could be shape-shifted and still make sense. The “pyro” part will remind people that they know it’s something about fire and suggest more conflict than a quiet (too busy) biking scene. The people and biking themes will be on back cover text.

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